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PR News—March 28, 2016

PR News/Nasdaq Survey: Nearly Half of Organizations Shun Crisis Preparation

Trouble ahead concept, Businessman with umbrella standing in the

Nearly half of the communicators surveyed in a poll conducted earlier this month said their organizations lack a crisis communication playbook.

How to Align Business Goals With KPIs and Impress the C-Suite


With the plethora of tools available and an abundance of social metrics crying out for attention, what are the best metrics to measure?

Tips and Tactics for Communicators When the CEO Is at the Center of a Controversy


It’s important for communicators to remain calm and collect the facts. In a situation where the CEO is the focus of media scrutiny, one way to do that is for communicators to play journalist and literally interview the CEO. Senior communicators should have the kind of relationship with the CEO where he or she can discuss things with communicators and confide in them.

The Week in PR

Communications, Rep and ROI: Communicators will be interested in an addendum to Reputation Institute’s Global RepTrak 100, its annual list of the top 100 companies based on reputation.

Six PR Storytelling Rules We Should Pick Up From Classic Movies

In a world focused on shareable content, we struggle to find ways to make our stories stand out. What makes someone read what we write, watch our video and more important, remember it and engage others by retelling it?

Tips to Create Instagram Contests That Will Raise Brand Awareness

As a PR pro your job is to garner attention for a client or brand. A well-executed Instagram contest can be a great tactic to achieve increased visibility.