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PR News – February 22, 2016

Celebrities & a Symbiotic Media: How to Deal With Your True Competitors for Attention


Who’s the real competition for PR pros, brands in their space or Kanye and Taylor, who’ve become brands themselves?

Sports Leagues and Pop Music Dominate Twitter Actions


Bleacher Report was the top U.S. brand on Twitter in 2015 in terms of engagement, with 20.6 million likes and retweets, according to Shareablee data provided exclusively to PR News.

4 Tips for PR Leaders to Raise Their Energy Level and Improve Engagement

When it comes to our own professional development, however, we often fall short in understanding the full impact of framework and filters on our ultimate success.

The Week in PR

There have been several changes at Ogilvy. The biggest is the departure of Atlanta office chief Mickey Nall, which a senior Ogilvy official confirmed for PR News Friday.