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PR News—April 25, 2016

PR News Measurement Survey: Awareness of Barcelona Principles Trending Upward Slowly


Is the glass half empty or half full? That’s the dilemma raised by the latest PR News survey about measurement practices. On the upside, more PR pros appear to be relying on measurement than previously. The flip side is the pace toward a more analytical mindset is incremental.

Instagram’s Multigenerational Appeal Offers Brands Wide Targeting Choices


With attention spans diminishing and the appeal of video and images rising, it seems like the present moment is perfectly suited to Instagram’s quick-hit, low-verbiage, less-is-more characteristics.

PR Tactics From a Former Reporter: How to Prepare for a Media Interview


As a local and network news reporter, I conducted thousands of interviews over nearly two decades. Yet it was only after I made the leap into strategic and crisis communications that I fully appreciated the complex dynamic at play.