Is Kim Kardashian Looking to PR for a New Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian Red Carpet 640Kim Kardashian has reportedly split from her longtime family publicist, Jill Fritzo, and signed with Slate PR. Sources suggest that Kardashian is looking to rebrand herself and establish a persona separate from her family.

There is a lot of speculation regarding what prompted her to make the change. Some say it’s the potential negative attention that her brother-in-law Lamar Odom could bring to the family in the wake of his recent drug scandal and arrest.

This begs the question: Will new PR somehow transform reality?

In a word, no.

Still, Kim and Slate PR could put a fresh spin on a situation that might tarnish the family empire. And the agency will likely iterate that Kim is an individual rather than a piece of a larger brand.

Nevertheless,  it's probably safe to say that Kim’s individual brand has already been defined. And, no matter how good her PR efforts, there is little that can be done to change  existing perceptions.

That doesn’t mean recasting Kim’s brand is a fruitless venture. To the contrary, because if Slate PR does its job well then it can offer a new narrative on how she has evolved and moved on from her roots as just another Kardashian.

After all, she is a mother now and has her hand in several business ventures, so a fresh take is not a bad idea (depending on the expectations). What is unreasonable to assume is that the public will forget about her connection to the family or believe that she has completely transformed overnight,  thanks to PR.

The Kardashian brand has been somewhat infallible since its reality show launched, despite the constant ridicule by the media (which, in this case,  is co-dependent). That indicates that Jill Fritzo has done a pretty admirable job managing an albatross of publicity. But perhaps she has done all she can for Kim, and it’s time for a change.

The important thing to remember is that no matter how good a publicist is, he or she can't change the past, the present or the future; they can only spin it. After all, publicists are only as good as the brands they represent.

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  • Sha Har

    Truth! Kim’s sex tape will follow her forever. There’s no spinning that!

    • Simone

      Who said she was trying to spin the tape? Kim NEVER promoted that tape, she NEVER used it to promote anything that she was doing, she has consistently said that she is ashamed of it and she has moved on, the people that love and appreciate Kim, does so mainly because of the way that she has carried herself through it all, she has not allowed it to stop her or define her, the people who follow her and are her fans like her because of her strength and the fact that she does not allow the cyber bullys and the bullys on that write blogs or the tabloids to limit her, so you all can keep using the tape but that tape is not and has never been a crutch for Kim unlike the other participant. The audience of people who purchased and viewed that tape is not the audience of people who watches her show and purchases her products and the sooner you people get that the better off you will be.

      • TrollSoHard

        Calm down Kris — I mean…”Simone”.

  • Simone

    You people call yourselves a PR blog? how about she changed publicist because the other one has too much on her hands with the rest of the family? how about she has other things that she has wanted to do for sometime now and she is looking for a publicist that will take her in that direction, it has nothing to do with separating herself from her family, did she say that? you are reporting all this mess based on TABLOIDS and BLOGS, just stop it. Kim is fine, Kim has not been in any mess, she had her baby and she has been quiet, she has been out a few times and that is it, her fans love and adore her and are understanding of the fact that she is being a mother, her brand is fine, you people are mental.

    • Danny Grause

      Are you her new publicist?

  • Tom

    Not going to get a better person than Jill Fritzo…her loss!!

  • Lisa

    I watch the “K”s when I can’t take the news! I think most people don’t care about her past or future unless it directly involves them. Every human has made some errors but, few can profit from it! Truth, she’s a beauty, with luck on her side.

    I can’t imagine living with cameras and all the privacy invading the most treasured part of life. (family)

    No deal is worth that kind of life. It doesn’t matter how you spin it, the “K”s have made millions off there show. Switch the channel and there are 19 kids in counting. It’s all the same from the couch.

    It’s funny and kinda of sad to think that you can be blessed with money, fame and beauty and yet still feel the need to change.

    Trying to control Public Perception is like wearing uncomfortable shoes no matter where you go, you know at some point in the day your feet are going hurt.

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  • Danny Grause

    Forgive me, but who gives a damn? Anyone who talks about this woman in real terms loses all credibility.

  • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

    Curious? How much a month does it cost KK for her daily publicity?

  • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

    Curious? How much a month does it cost KK for her daily publicity?