How’d You Get That?

How do you get coverage for a - truly -dead story? Batesville Casket Co. garnered ink and airtime in outlets like Fast Company, American Demographics, and the History
Channel by rethinking its less-than-lively media strategy. Despite traditional industry reticence towards the press, Batesville decided to take advantage of the opportunity to
communicate positive messages to consumers about the value of a meaningful funeral service. Northlich PR and Batesville PR staff persuaded management to invest in a redesigned
strategic media relations program that would boost the company's proactive messaging stance - previously, the company often ignored media inquiries. The team then established and
communicated new policies for dealing with the media. Meanwhile, Batesville conducted research that revealed a compelling trend in the way baby boomers plan funerals -- uniquely
personal "life celebrations" in lieu of more, well, funereal services. The company exploited this news hook in a VNR production pitched to broadcast media and generated positive
stories in more than 20 markets.