Inside Busts Out. It was only a matter of time until parent company Powerful Media made the move to expand its empire offline. The harbinger of all things
media-related plans to launch a print magazine in late fall, focusing on technology's influence in the media business. Hot topics will include interactive TV, digital publishing
and music ventures and Napster's effect on the book biz, according to founder and editor-in-chief Michael Hirschorn. The as-yet-unnamed title will receive some content
through a partnership with The Industry Standard, although the book will have its own dedicated senior editorial staff, Hirschorn says. Plans also are under way to hire a gaggle
of new reporters to serve both Web and print ventures. Watch for two or three issues of the magazine in late 2000, moving to a biweekly schedule in early 2001. Publishers plan to
go weekly by next spring. No word yet on an editor-in-chief, but an appointment is pending. In the meantime, contact Hirschorn at 212/937-0100.