To Name a Fuse. Imagine Media's impending business/lifestyle title (PRN, May 8) finally has a name. Fuse, set to launch in late November, will explore the
convergence of work, life and style. Its mission: to carve out a new content category in the media landscape. The hybrid title will be bundled with the Dec. 12, Feb. 6 and April
3 issues of sister pub Business 2.0 until it's ready to stand on its own legs as a bimonthly. Watch for content that meshes seemingly unrelated topics such as burnout,
technology and interior design. The focus is on portraits of "real people" (not celebs) who leverage technology to live "powerful, kinetic" existences. Move over Deepak Chopra.
The guru in charge is editor-in-chief Lisa Gabor. (Imagine Media, 415/468-4684)