FT Offers New Vehicle for Financial PR…

The Financial Times U.S. edition recently launched "FT Wealth," a personal finance page for savvy investors featuring advice on premier investment opportunities. The page runs
every Tuesday in the front section, FT Wealth, and includes four distinct features: "Top Story," "Hands-On Investor," "A Professional Opinion," and insight by James Altucher,
renowned hedge-fund manager and author. The section will try to distinguish itself from other investor-related publications and columns by focusing almost exclusively on the high-
end U.S. investor. According to the 2004 Mendelsohn Affluence study, The FT commands the highest percentage of C-level executives out of any publication in its space, with the
average reader earning an annual salary of nearly $200,000...Contact: Jolie Hunt, 212.641.6611; jolie.hunt@ft.com.