Eight Words You Can’t Say in a Press Release

It seems fitting, what with bureaucrats at the Federal Communications Commission getting themselves into a lather about obscenity following the now-infamous Janet Jackson
episode during this year's Super Bowl. Years ago comedian George Carlin made a name for himself with "The Seven Words You Can't Say on Television" (which, in the ensuing years
amid relaxed regulations, is now down to about four or five words). Now comes Andrea Obston's "Eight Words You Can't Say in a Press Release." Obston, president of Andrea Obston
Marketing Communications LLC, a 22-year-old PR firm specializing in crisis communications, has channeled Carlin to come up with eight words she believes that, if avoided, can help
get your release past the media goalposts. (For a related story, see PR NEWS, April 19, 2004.) The reasons stated for keeping these words taboo -- for a press release -- are
provided by Obston: