Branding Osama

Sixty-six-year-old Charlotte Beers is a legend in advertising circles. She has led three of America's largest advertising agencies, but now she faces what is perhaps the
greatest challenge of her career - branding Osama bin Laden. Beers was recently sworn in as Colin Powell's Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs and
charged with redefining bin Laden's - and America's - image among Muslims. Beers told Congress she will make it a priority to shift focus within the international Muslim community
from bin Laden's religious motivations to the cowardice of his terrorist acts. Beers is considering buying commercial time on Arab TV stations to supplement interviews being
granted to Al Jazeera by Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell. She's also pouring energy into targeting Muslim youth, whose opinions about America are not yet as strongly formed as
their parents'.