2015 Rising PR Stars (corporation and association): Michelle Muslera, Director of Social Media and Digital Communications for Latin America and the Caribbean, MasterCard

Michelle Muslera joined MasterCard three years ago and in a short period of time has navigated through various different functions within the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Communications Team based in Miami.

A year ago, she was promoted and now leads Social and Digital Communications, including social listening and media analysis. In the short time span that Muslera took on her new role, her region became the first outside of the US to launch a local language newsroom, an LAC Linkedin Page, sponsored content partnerships, and set the groundwork for a social media ambassador program to make employees advocates of the brand on social media.

Muslera has the ability to lead and create the new and the different. She is the one you go-to to re-invent and get it done. She has gotten everyone on the team to think more 'digital' through constant trainings and information sessions and guiding the teams in the markets to take some thoughtful risks. She is not only a great professional but a team player.

Muslera has reshaped digital/content strategy, increasing the Spanish-language regional newsroom by 550% (YTD) over 2014 (55,000 visits).