2015 Rising PR Stars (corporation and association): Jo Jensen, Deputy Digital Director, DDC

Over the past two years at DDC, Jo Jensen has helped pioneer its digital practice by developing and overseeing several successful PR campaigns.

Jensen specializes in connecting offline and online activities and driving earned media through social media. Jensen is great at understanding the core of a client’s message and designing a PR campaign that can thrive on digital platforms. She is also a frequent speaker on brands rocking social and has hosted digital training sessions at Campaign Tech East, The National Press Club, The Army Navy Club, CPAC and The State Policy Network. In the ever changing digital space, she has mastered social listening tools and visual storytelling to really make an impact and shape the digital narrative for clients.

Earlier this year Jensen launched a new brand campaign for a state based hospitality client to educate the locals on the benefits of ending blue laws in their state. Within the first 48 hours, the campaign gained 2,000 Twitter followers. At the end of the campaign, its content reached over two million people on social media. The digital campaign earned media in the Houston Chronicle, the Dallas Morning Star and Texas’ local affiliate TV station the CW 33.