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Scott Van Camp is editor of PR News, an executive-level, reader-supported publication that helps enhance the business impact of PR. Scott has a rich background in both journalism and PR/marketing. He has more than 15 years of experience as a writer/editor at various consumer and trade publications. Scott was with VNU Business Publications for five years, including stints as managing editor at IQ News and Technology Marketing magazines and senior editor at Brandweek. In the PR/marketing sphere, he has served as corporate communications manager at MarketBridge, a marketing and sales consultancy, and as editorial director for the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council. While at the Council, Scott led several high-profile marketing research projects. He has also operated his own communications and media consulting firm, SVC Communications.

5 Tips to Get Started With ‘Big Data’

With the demand for data scientists high, PR pros must think about how to leverage Big Data. | MORE »

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5 Tips for Flawless Video Production

A new study reveals the true power of videos in reaching audiences through social media. But to realize that power, solid video production values must be adhered to. | MORE »

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PR Measurement: Rely Less on Hunches, More on Hard Data

Ketchum’s Don Bartholomew, who will present at PR News’ PR Measurement Conference on May 15, believes PR pros rely too much on opinion and experience when it comes to measurement. | MORE »

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Amid College Hoops Frenzy, a Football Game Offers Winning PR Play

On Saturday, a 69-yard football run by 7-year-old Jack Hoffman stole the PR spotlight away from college hoops—in a very good way. | MORE »

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Hashtags on Facebook? PR News Followers Say #notagreatidea

Word has it that Facebook is looking to add a Twitter icon to it’s own pages: the hashtag. When asked about the move, PR News readers seemed #unimpressed. | MORE »

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Facebook Home Sets Mobile Bar High for PR Pros

Okay, it’s not a phone, it’s an app. Be that as it may, Facebook Home makes the social network ubiquitous on Android phones. | MORE »

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Be Transparent: 3 Tips For PR Pros to Avoid Greenwashed Product Claims

The majority of consumers are ready to punish brands who aren’t honest about their environmental claims, according to a new Cone Communications study. | MORE »

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Apple’s PR Apology to China Is Good for Business

There wasmore to Apple’s apology to Chinese consumers than meets they eye. But in the end, the company had to protect a lucrative market. | MORE »

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Taking Jokes Seriously: An April 1 Communications Roundup

April Fool’s Day is a great opportunity for PR pros to connect with audiences in a fun way. Here’s a rundown of the best brand pranks of AFD 2013. | MORE »

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The Nature Conservancy Hits Motherlode With Facebook Treasure Hunt Contest

The Nature Conservancy’s Trevor Martin, set to speak at PR News’ Big Three Digital PR Conference on April 18 in NYC, talks social media contests, mobile PR and more. | MORE »

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