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Steve Goldstein is editorial director of events for Access Intelligence’s PR News brand, which encompasses premium, how-to content, data and competitive intelligence for public relations professionals; PR News Online; PR News conferences, webinars and awards programs; and PR News guidebooks. Previously at AI Steve was editorial director of min, min ’s b2b and minonline as well as managing editor of CableFAX: The Magazine and CableWorld. Before joining Access Intelligence, he was executive editor of World Screen News, and editor of Film/Tape World, which covered film, television and commercial production in the San Francisco Bay Area.

6 Pieces of Wisdom for All Professional Women—Mothers Included

To mark an expanded view of Mother’s Day we share these words of wisdom from successful women, meant for other women who seek to scale common obstacles in their professional lives. | MORE »

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7 Common Reasons Why Journalists Delete Your Email Pitches

Reason #5: The last time you sent a pitch to that particular journalist, it took you a full day to reply when he or she responded to your pitch. | MORE »

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6 Reasons Why Your Email Pitches Wind Up as Spam

Knowing these common reasons why your email pitches are getting blocked by spam filters might help you recover your belief in your ability to control your fate—and give your pitches a fighting chance.  | MORE »

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6 Things PR Pros Should Know About FB Newswire

With the launch of FB Newswire, Facebook is fixing it so journalists go to Facebook first for important news and trends. | MORE »

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A Ferry Tragedy, and a Wake-Up Call for Communications Pros

“Stay inside and wait” will likely go down as one of the worst—and most deadly—messages ever communicated in a crisis.  | MORE »

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4 Common Mistakes PR Pros Make on LinkedIn

Stanton Communications’ Lori Russo sees four common mistakes that PR pros habitually make on LinkedIn. How many of these are you guilty of? | MORE »

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2014 CSR Hall of Fame Inductees

The CSR Hall of Fame honors organizations that have not just made an impact over the past several years but that have launched model CSR programs that will be referred to for years to come. … | MORE »

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Letterman’s Legacy: Top 10 Favorite PR Pros in Movies and TV

David Letterman has announced his impending retirement, and PR News is commemorating the occasion with—what else?—a Top 10 list. | MORE »

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5 Tips for Finding and Engaging With Influencers

It’s all too easy to fall into habits—good and bad—in your communications with your industry’s influencers. Behavior that was effective six months ago may be limiting your circle of contacts now, and even taking the shine off current relationships. | MORE »

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6 Tips for Getting More Support for Your PR Budget

From a purely selfish point of view, becoming an expert in PR measurement protects one’s budget and one’s job. Sandra Fathi, president and founder of agency Affect and a speaker at PR News’ April 8 Measurement Conference, offers tips to help you get internal support for your PR budget. | MORE »

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