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Evan Zall is president of Ebben Zall Group.

PR Insider: Hey Pay-to-Play – Get Off My Lawn!

PR needs to turn up its creative cap, invest in some Kevlar vests, and evolve to overcome the hostile environment of dominant pay-to-play.  | MORE »

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PR Insider: Becoming What You Will Be, and Other New Years’ PR thoughts

It’s year-end and time to think about what will make this next chapter different than the last. Growth goes hand in hand with evolution, and standing still is rarely an option. | MORE »

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PR Insider: PR is Dead. Actually, Long Live PR!

The most impactful campaigns will be run by teams that embrace multiple channels and keep the emphasis on smart content; those that sacrifice one in favor of the other will miss opportunities and weaken client brands over the long term. | MORE »

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Video Killed the Video Star: When Does Quantity Trump Quality?

The multimedia floodgates are open, and for good reason. Audiences are eager for short, playable, sharable content, and the playing field of PR has evolved alongside it. | MORE »

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