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How to Tie Social Media Engagement to Business Objectives (Sales, Leads, Volunteers)
Veda Banerjee, Director, Communications & Digital Marketing, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, @parks4all
Lauren Friedman, Head of Social Business Enablement, Adobe, @lauren_hannah, @adobe

Case Studies: Brand Communications Success on Facebook
Derekh Froude, Associate Creative Director, Edelman, @EdelmanDigital
Jen Martin Hall , Vice President, Communications, Sharecare, @jenmartinpr
Brenda Weigel, Manager, Social Media, @Aflac

Case Studies: Brand Communications Success on Instagram
Nicol Addison, Director of Corporate Communications, Lithium Technologies, @LithiumTech
Katie Keating, Program Manager for Social Brand Strategy, IBM, @ThingsSheSaid, @IBM
Charlene Macielag, Social Media Strategist of Corporate Communications, FedEx, @macielag, @FedEx

Luncheon Keynote Presentation: Why Some Brands Captivate--and Some Don't
Ben Parr, Author, "Captivology;" Founder and Managing Partner, DominateFund, @Captivology, @benparr

Case Studies: Brand Communications Success on Snapchat
Dave Prodan, VP of Communications, World Surf League, @wsl
Haley Hebert, VP, Digital Marketing, LEWIS Pulse, @haleyhebert, @LEWISPulse

Case Studies: Brand Communications Success on Twitter
Krisleigh Hoermann, Director of Operations/Digital and Social Media Consultant, American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, @KrisleighH, @American_Heart
Michelle Wright, Senior Manager, Digital Content, Levi Strauss & Co., @levistraussco
Serena Ehrlich, Director of Social Media, Business Wire, @serena @BusinessWire

What's Next for the Big 4--and What's the Next Big 4? New Features, New Directions, New Applications
Christopher Penn, Vice President, Marketing Technologies, SHIFT Communications, @cspenn, @SHIFTcomm

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