Are ‘Pollinators’ the New Queen Bees of the Internet?

Forget Influentials, Try Pollinators: According to a new study of online influencers by Martini Media and Added Value, there’s a new class of über-influencer online called “pollinators”—defined as 20% of the Internet population with disproportionate buying power—who prioritize niche Web sites that focus on their passions. The study identified five actions that determine a person’s degree of influence online: sharing opinions on passions; making recommendations on products; trying products first; posting in online forums; and blogging about interest categories. Whereas influentials—some 45% of the Internet population—do two of the five things, pollinators do them all. Other findings:

  • Pollinators are more actively engaged as their interests get more expensive.

  • Brands are personal for pollinators, who spend more on their passion areas. They’ll buy a product for the statement it makes, as many believe that “brands are part of who I am.”

  • Once they buy, 64% go out of their way to tell others how good the product is, and 74% say a good ad is worth talking about.

Source: Martini Media/Added Value