Back when we were sitting in on Journalism 101, we learned that if you come across news that's dripping with irony, write about it. Well, here's some: J.K. Rowling, author of
the Harry Potter series and the most popular author in the universe, recently received the President's Award from the International Public Relations Association. Rowling, we've
seen and heard, in fact does not enjoy the spotlight and tries to shun publicity whenever she can. Meanwhile, back at the awards ceremony, someone else received the award
for her (the release says she was hard at work on her next book.) This begs the question, can becoming a recluse actually perpetuate your media image? J.D. Salinger has arguably
become more of an American icon because he lives a hermit's life in New England (a former lover of his recently came out with a tell-all book reviewed in Time and
numerous other publications, you might remember.) And anyway, what's a publicist to do? Email us your thoughts: smclaughlin@phillips.com.