2012 Platinum PR Awards: Social Media 

 Co-Winner: The Clorox Company - Check-in for Check Ups

When Clorox wanted to create a program rewarding consumers for practicing healthy habits, it teamed up with the Children’s Health Fund to create Check-In for Checkups, a social media-based campaign that encourage consumers to “check in” and submit their daily practices. 

With the objective of securing 1 million check-ins, Clorox recognized the power of social media and reached out to several key influencers who in turn could spread the message to their large audiences and get others involved. Among the leaders was Bethenny Frankel, a New York Times best-selling author and new mom who Clorox felt the target audience could identify with. Specifically, a series of videos on YouTube featuring Frankel helped Clorox drive its message. The plan proved to be a success as the campaign reached more than 13 million people and captured 90 million media impressions.  —JH

Co-Winner: Formula - PERT Plus ‘Hair Wars’

With the brand 20 years old, PERT Plus needed a way to establish relevancy among men, ages 25-45.  To make the connection, PERT created an online campaign involving male celebrities in hopes of having popular culture be a draw for male consumers.  On its Facebook page, PERT created a consumer poll looking to identify the male celebrity with the best hair. PERT’s “Hair Wars” online campaign featured three celebrity contenders: Anderson Cooper, Conan O’Brien and Mario Lopez.  The celebs used Twitter and Facebook in rallying their own fan bases for support. 

The results showed the success of the campaign, as PERT mentions on Facebook were increased 100% and sales increased 8% in the third quarter of 2011. —JH

Honorable Mentions:

American Academy of Ophthalmology  Want Scary Eyes? The Dangers of Non-Prescription Decorative Contact Lenses: As Halloween approached, the AAO looked to raise awareness about the dangers of non-prescription contact lenses and increase the visibility of its EyeSmart Web site. With the involvement of staff, posts for social media specifically aimed at doctors and partners were created.

ConAgra Foods – Slim Jim Online Community Management:
With the task of growing Slim Jim’s social media presence, the company’s first online community manager was hired to serve as Slim Jim’s first social media voice. A weekly video series help drive increase the brand’s Facebook community by 208%.

CRT/tanaka – “Like Bissell, Love Pets: A Facebook Campaign to Help Pets Find Forever Homes”:
To help raise $30,00 in grants for rural animal shelters, for each person who liked Bissell’s Facebook page, the company made a 50 cent donation to the Petfinder.com Foundation. Post views on Facebook increased by 140% and “likes” nearly tripled to 100,000.

Fuse LLC
Gatorade’s Go All Day Sessions: To reach the action sports audience, Gatorade created two video series featuring athletes. Using its brand ambassadors to spread the message, there were 1,029,777 combined views on  YouTube.

Horn Group – Tech the Halls: Horn Turns Reporters into Rockstars:
Reporters turned DJs helped HORN’s Tech the Halls raise $10,000 while providing 50 new laptops for students.

Major League Baseball – MLB Fan Cave:
MLB hit a home run with the Fan Cave by having two fans watch multiple games while blogging about them. Star athletes have visited the site, increasing national visibility and creating more opportunity to stream online video. 

McDonald’s USA and GolinHarris – Introducing Chicken McBites: Bite-Sized Enjoyment:
To introduce McBites to the short-attention-spanned Millennials, an online video project was launched to invite consumers to create videos with their vision of “bite-size.”  Ten winning videos distributed at a launch party attended by celebrities helped spread the message.

Porter Novelli – HP hosts “Inkology at Home: Ink Challenge”:
With sales being threatened by low-cost competitors, the HP Ink Challenge was created to compare and contrast HP with its competitors. Over 100 social-media-connected users used two different cartridges and shared their findings on blogs and social networks.

Porter Novelli – SOYJOY: “Yo SOY” Hispanic Campaign:
To introduce its product to the Hispanic market, SOYJOY established a bilingual online presence using  MocoSpace. Hispanics ages 18-24 were targets, and the number of SOYJOY MocoSpace fans exceeded the pre-launch goal by 5%.

Red Agency – Mortein: Kill or Save Louie the Fly:
To generate brand “buzz,” Mortein tapped its longtime mascot “Louie the Fly” for a Facebook campaign, resulting in  235,000 fans in six months.

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