WSJ, NYT Top Pubs for Tech PR Professionals

â–¶ Tech Media Titans: The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times are the top tech business publications for tech PR professionals, according a PRSourceCode study. Bloomberg Businessweek, USA Today and Forbes round out the top five in the category. “2010 Top Tech Publications” also offers a snapshot of tech PR professionals’ go-to journalists, media outreach methods, and results measurement tactics. Other findings include:

• While 97% of tech PR pros will call a print journalist, only 53% will call a blogger. Sixty-eight percent use Twitter to connect with online publications, while 52% use Twitter to connect with print publications. However, 96% of PR pros use e-mail to communicate with journalists, regardless of medium.

• Of participating tech PR pros, 86% say that online publications are extremely important to their 2010 PR efforts—compared to 75% in 2009.

• Ninety-two percent say that blogs are important to their current PR efforts. Traditional publications received votes from 56% of participants for the second year in a row, indicating that while newer forms of media continue to gain traction, traditional outlets remain important.

Source: PRSourceCode