B-to-Glee. No wonder the pundits have been gushing about b-to-b. Proving that the trade market is, indeed, a hot piece of real estate, the latest study by Fairfield
Research and American Business Media finds that readership of business and trade magazines is up a whopping 42% over last year. The average time readers spend with their trade
publications is up 39%, while time spent with consumer books has dropped 24%. Each day, 67.7 million adults in the U.S. spend at least 40 minutes reading a business or trade pub,
according to the Media Intelligence 2000 study. Hours dedicated to newspaper reading also are up 12%, while commitment to radio is down 12% and TV is down 5%. Internet usage
appeared unchanged over last year in the survey, but Fairfield CEO Gary Gabelhouse attributes the flat showing to bandwidth issues, not waning interest. Faster load times mean
Web readers can consume more information online in the time they used to wait for content to pop up.