There is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch: Perks for (some) PR Pros


  • Medical/dental/vision plan(s)
  • Two-four weeks' vacation (more time off for those in job longer)
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Paid personal days & holidays
  • Set number of paid sick days
  • 401k/profit-sharing plan
  • Transit Check or MetroCard (deducted from paycheck)
  • Discount on healthclub membership
  • 3-months' unpaid maternity leave
  • Moving expenses
  • Corporate credit card/expense account
  • Mental health/maternity/catastrophic illness/disability/life insurance


  • Clothing discount (design houses/manufacturers, fashion PR firms)
  • Company car
  • Pager, Blackberry, AT&T monthly access
  • Flex spending
  • Paid temporary living at new location
  • Real estate house/apartment-looking fee paid
  • Three months' unpaid paternity leave
  • Car rental (until car can be transported to new location)
  • Group legal services
  • On-site manicures/pedicures/massages
  • Paid lunch every day
  • Paid dinner & cab fare home if one works after 8 p.m.