Tech Brands’ Twitter Trouble

A study by Wildfire PR found that while 90% of technology companies have a presence on two or more social networks, a significant majority are not actively using these networks to engage with audiences. Case in point: 43% of surveyed brands with a Twitter account have never replied to a tweet, and only 25% of brands reply to followers’ comments on their Facebook accounts. Other findings include:

• Twitter was the most popular network used (74%), followed by Linkedin (72%) and then Facebook (20%). Nearly half (48%) have a blog.

• How do tech brands leverage social media? For the majority, to send marketing messages and corporate content: 60% of companies with a Facebook page use it purely as a distribution channel; 57% of companies with a Twitter account use it solely for one-way marketing activity; and only 25% of blogs receive comments on a regular basis.

• These companies could better position their social media efforts: Only 34% of companies attached a link to their social network accounts from their Web site homepage; only 18% link to a Twitter account; 2% link to Facebook; and 22% featured their blog.

Source: Wildfire PR