Strategy of the Week

Always be prepared to change strategy mid-course. Pfizer Animal Health had made a huge splash with the launch of its Revolution topical treatment for preventing parasites in
dogs and cats. A year later, the company took the show on the road with the Revolution Mobile, a truck feature a towering dog and cat with rotating heads. Campaign organizers
hoped the Revolution Mobile would pique the interest of consumers and vets and make for some howling good photo opps with the media. The $500,000 Revolution Mobile visited dog
and cat shows, veterinary offices and Humane Society events - until Pfizer realized the real exposure wasn't at animal-specific events. The campaign had more luck at community
fesitivals, which were significantly larger. Plus, sponsors like Pfizer were the norm at pet events, but at community gatherings, a giant rotating dog head was quite the novelty.
"At a pet event, you expect to see vendors," says one team member. "So as the year went on, we tailored the schedule more toward general consumer events."