Stop Checking Social Media and Read This Article

When was the last time you checked your Facebook or Twitter feed? You're checking them right now, aren't you.

You're back? Great. Wait—oh well, there you go again.

Done for just a few seconds? Don't worry, that baby picture isn't going anywhere. Neither is that misleading, ego-stroking, half-baked personality quiz. I need your attention just for a moment.

pb3Maybe this image at right will help keep you focused.

Now you don't need to check Facebook. We've got your baby and puppy shot right here. Settle in for a while.

We've got some issues ourselves with uncontrollably checking social feeds, and we know the first step is always admitting that you have a problem. We were wondering how PR News' community is dealing with this issue, so we asked PR pros the question (on social media, naturally), "How many times per day do you check social media?"

Here are some of the desperate responses. Together, we can work through the pain of addiction and see a bright, new morning—one that doesn't begin with checking our social feeds.

  • "Between my own and clients’, let’s just say religiously"
  • "I'm terrified for people to know the answer to this for me"
  • "Way too many to count"
  • "3 or 4 times each hour, for both my clients and myself"
  • "It's more like how many times a day am I not checking it"
  • "Too ashamed to count (even considering business-related checking)"
  • "Almost constantly - windows open all day"
  • "Hourly (at least). Social doesn't sleep!"
  • "Obscenely often"
  • "So far today least 50+"
  • "I never stop"
  • "Not sure I can count that high"
  • "I'm addicted"
  • "Constantly. Right now."

OK, you can stop reading now and check your feeds.

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  • TheMediaFairy

    I’m afraid I didn’t get the point of your article. I anticipated tips to be productive on Social Media in less time. “We were wondering how PR News’ community is dealing with this issue…”
    Sadly, I’m still wondering.

  • Steve Goldstein

    I see your point, and tips on how the community is actually dealing with this issue would certainly be a useful follow-up.