State-of-the-Art Messaging Tips Highlight PR News’ Just-Published Media Training Guidebook

Rockville, MD (PR NEWS) July 19, 2011 -- PR News has published its Media Training Guidebook - Vol. 4, which provides up-to-the-minute best practices from top media trainers who will make you the expert on the media in your organization. They show you how to stay on message and field difficult questions; engage with journalists on Twitter; invest in messaging research and create positioning platforms; train yourself and C-suite executives in mastering nonverbal cues; keep relationships with journalists intact even when your executives have been misquoted or coverage contains factual errors; train spokespeople in the do’s and don’ts of using social media to communicate with stakeholders; and communicate with the media in times of crisis. In this guidebook you'll find checklists and tips for messaging and interview preparation, sample message maps and guides on what to wear and what not to wear on camera.

PR News' Media Training Guidebook - Vol. 4 is available at the PR News Online Store.

Journalists and bloggers are depending more on messages and content from companies and nonprofits because they don’t have the resources to slow themselves down with old-fashioned reporting. When you prepare for a media interview, you must assume that anything said or written will be used by countless media outlets and bloggers, leaving little room for carelessness and error. PR News’ instructional guide provides an in-depth look at the most effective strategies and tactics PR professionals should use when working with media.  

Media Training Guidebook chapters include:

  • Engaging With the Media
  • Messaging

  • Camera Readiness

  • Prepping the C-Suite

  • Before and During the Interview

  • Relationship-Building With Journalists

  • Social Media

  • Crisis Communications

“We thank all of the media training experts who dedicated their time to crafting the tips, best practices, key strategies and practical checklists that you will be able to turn to time and time again,” says Steve Goldstein, editorial director of PR News. "Their goal, and ours: to increase your chances of success as you send your messages out into the 24/7 media cycle.”

PR News' Media Training Guidebook - Vol. 4 is available at the PR News Online Store.

The Media Training Guidebook is an essential resource for PR professionals at any organization. From start to finish, the guidebook gives you a full understanding of how to hold your own with the media, while at the same time focusing on how to form mutually beneficial relationships.    

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