Showing Off Your CEO? Get to Know Their Personal Story First

In the ultra-competitive business world, getting your CEO the attention he or she—and your brand—deserves is not an easy task. Here are three tips to remember when putting your CEO “out there,” courtesy of David Baum, account executive at Ricochet Public Relations.

  • Learn their story: How do you distinguish your CEO from the pack? Get to know the CEO as an individual, and discover what his or her personal story is. How did this CEO rise to one of the highest job titles in the business world?

  • Make them human: Humanizing the CEO and relating the individual’s background to the vision of the company is a proven formula for success.

  • Expand the range of your CEO: In other words, have your CEO be comfortable with speaking about macro-trends, whether it relates to the U.S. economy, job growth or issues of the day. Thought leadership should be about more than just a company’s specific market. 

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