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Media Insight: Cold Pizza

March 8th, 2004 by

Walt Disney Co.
305 W. 34th St., 12th Flr. ,New York, NY 10001-2402
The Wind Up
ESPN, the undisputed champion of cable sports programming, has
been trying to expand its brand lately, with mixed results. After
drawing the …

Everyone is worried that the press is going to ‘get’ him. It’s
funny. Suddenly people in powerful jobs are so-o afraid
peccadilloes will come whooshing out of the closet. If you hired a
nanny without taxing him, or accidentally used …


March 1st, 2004 by

“Had I accepted I have little doubt that by now I’d have been
indicted, if not imprisoned, discipline not being one of my strong
suits… It was a tempting offer. But in the end, I said no, and
I’ve thanked …


January 19th, 2004 by

Ad 2 of Greater Fort Lauderdale – Valerie Milkins (ex-Starmark
International) has been appointed PR Chair for Ad 2, a division of
the Advertising Federation of Greater Fort Lauderdale that targets
young executives working in the communications field. Milkins will
direct all …

To influence upcoming Hepatitis C legislation, the American Liver Foundation (ALF) launched a controversial billboard campaign that helped to win a unanimous assembly vote in California and created a stir among patient advocacy groups.
The campaign, developed by Glass/McClure, …

Case Study

July 27th, 1998 by

Kohnstamm’s Magnetic PR Draws Poetic Coverage
Magnetic Poetry, the company that helps consumers fashion prose on their refrigerators and filing cabinets, credits a PR campaign with helping it become a $7 million business selling 50 products in just two years.
The Minneapolis-based …