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t’s a typical lament among medical specialists operating in the thorny world of American healthcare: The Louisiana Physical Therapy Association (LPTA) wanted “direct access” –
that is, the right of patients to see physical therapists directly, without referrals from their …

PR professionals are wise to think a bit differently about how to craft messages before sending them into the digital media, including the blogosphere, RSS feeds, chats and online social networks. Why?

Simply put, digital media is a place where …

CSR initiatives are all the rage, with celebrities and consumers alike taking a hard look at organizations’ goodwill initiatives, be they green, sustainable, philanthropic,

ethical, environmentally friendly or just plain good. But the following finalists in the PR News 2008 CSR …

The jet engines have barely cooled since Boeing chairman Phil Condit placed a call to Illinois Governor George Ryan from some 30,000 feet to announce that Chicago was his kind
of town. Yet PR pundits already are lauding the aviation giant’s …

The end of the year is always a time of reflection, and 2007 gave business people plenty to reflect upon. There were corporate crises galore, from Chinese-manufactured product

recalls to phony FEMA press conferences; a credit collapse that crippled the U….

Every year, PR News honors a select few communications executives whose leadership has helped define the industry, and these four are no exception: From one inductee who could

have been a professional tap dancer to another who is a former …

Account Executive Of The Year

WINNER: Shaun Leavy, MWW Group

John Abrashkin, Ricochet Public Relations

Lissette Capati, Spectrum Science Communications

Jason Carlton, Vanguard Media Group

Scott Vallee, Airfoil Public Relations

Agency Executive of the Year

WINNER: Terri Jones, Access PR