Pinterest Stress? New Plug-In May Be What the Doctor Ordered

With over 10 million members, Pinterest has outgrown its wait-and-see status for brands. The potential downside for communicators is Pinterest's growth represents yet another social network that requires a time investment.

There are some resources available to help expedite the pinning process, such as Pinerly and Pinterest's own Pin It button for Web sites. The newest tool on the block is WP Pinner, a WordPress plug-in used to manage your Pinterest account, according to a Mashable report. 

With this plug-in users will be able to easily auto-pin WordPress posts, schedule pins throughout the day, auto-follow users and keep track of account statistics such as likes, repins, reach and traffic. For content providers and brands that use WordPress as their Web hub, WP Pinner represents an integrated approach to linking to Pinterest and measuring results. 

Mashable reported that the plug-in was created by two self-proclaimed WordPress fanatics, Wilco de Kreij and Mark Ramos, who are new users of Pinterest. They were surprised there wasn’t a good way of managing a Pinterest account, so they built a WordPress plug-in to auto-pin blog posts, schedule pins, follow users and keep track of all statistics, according to the WP Pinner blog

The first WP Pinner version, which launched on May 9, offers only auto-pinning and tracking statistics. Features such as scheduling pins, visualizing the statistics and multiple account support will be added in the next release.

Just as some start-ups are adapting and seizing an opportunity to make Pinterest-based tools and resources, Pinterest itself is evolving. Pinterest has addressed copyright issues with its updated Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy Policy

Pinterest has also recently worked with Flickr and other communities to make it easier to pin and credit content creators, and has even improved group pinboards, making it easier for groups to pin with others while maintaining control over their own profile. This is especially relevant for brands that have multiple team members sharing Pinterest duties.

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