New Service Allows You to Keep up with the Joneses…

While the iPressroom is designed to help you stay abreast of your own PR programs, Watch360, which launches early next month, can help you find out what your Brand X companies
are up to. The hosted service, which was developed by Saratoga, Calif.-based Watch360 Systems, enables communications execs to track competitors without having to burrow through
hundreds of Web pages one-by-one. Users enter the names of companies they wish to follow. Watch360 then identifies and tracks key pages on each company's Web site for news, press
releases and events. Users can adjust the settings to add domains to track, say, prices, white papers or filings with the Security and Exchange Commission. The service, which
can monitor up to 40 companies, costs $495 a year. A free trial is available at Contact: Paula Dunne, Contos Dunne Communications, 408.776.1400.