Media Metrics

You know the drill: You have a long flight ahead of you so you hit the nearest newsstand and pile up on newspapers and magazines for some catch-up time. But in PR campaigns
geared toward air travelers - particularly in regional-based campaigns - less is definitely more. In most of the top markets, people who fly tend to read their hometown
newspapers. In the Washington, D.C. area; for example, air travelers prefer to read the Washington Post rather than, say, the Wall Street Journal. So if you have a product or
service catering to air travelers, it simply becomes a numbers game (which, of course, depends on your budget). The biggest concentrations of travelers who read newspaper are in
several of the country's major hubs: For people who have traveled three times domestically in the last year, Washington, D.C., Atlanta and the Seattle-Tacoma area had the highest
proportion of readers (for their respective dailies) while D.C., Denver and Atlanta had the highest proportions of readers traveling on business.