Four Pillars That Foster the Best Leadership Environment

Just as strong, well-branded leadership can help transform a business, how can a business provide the right environment to better empower its executives? Last year Hewitt Associates, a human resource consulting company, conducted a leadership practices study that identified key characteristics of organizations that nurture great leadership. They identified four disciplines of effective leadership:

  • Leaders lead the way: Passion and commitment of senior leaders help develop leaders of the future.
  • Practical and aligned programs and practices: Leadership strategies need to clearly reflect the overall business strategy.
  • Unrelenting focus on talent: More than development, it’s how a company hires, coaches, promotes and rewards its leaders.
  • Leadership becomes a way of life: Development of leaders is an institutionalized practice and mind-set.

Organizations that put these four pillars into practice have a leg up on the competition when it comes to leadership development.

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