10 Favorite Employee Perks of PR Pros

free-foodAsking a PR pro to name her favorite workplace perk is a little like asking an Olympic athlete to name her favorite TV show. In the former case, the response might be, "What's a workplace?" because PR pros tend to be on the job in an office, at home and in a restaurant, round the clock, and in the latter case the response might be, "I haven't watched TV since I was 5."

So the most obvious perk for PR pros might be company observance of National No Cell Phone Day. Nonetheless, we went ahead anyway and asked PR News' followers on Twitter and Facebook what their favorite employee perk is, and here are some of the best responses.

1. Working from home...occasionally.

2. Four weeks of vacation time per year upon full-time hire.

3. Random snacks in the kitchen.

4. Life-saving tech support.

5. Free food left over from meetings and free gym access to work off all the free food.

6. A fridge stocked with free sodas—particularly Diet Coke.

7. Health insurance.

8. 3 p.m. Fridays, year round.

9. Birthdays off.

10. Business-class travel for long international flights.

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  • Smara

    Unless you worked at a crappy agency where none of those are true. None.