The article "CSR: Doing Well by Doing Good...For The Right
Reasons" (March 2) incorrectly stated the number of books Verizon
has donated to libraries and others as part of its "Verizon Reads"
campaign; it is 1.8 million volumes, not 800,000. Also, the correct
phone number of Andrew Brown, Verizon's executive director of
public-affairs programs, is 972.718.3883. It was also incorrect to
state that Oprah Winfrey appeared at Office Depot's recent CSR
conference; she did not. In the same issue, the list recognizing
our 2004 CSR winners incorrectly stated the name of one of the
honorable-mention winners in the "Philanthropic Communications"
category. The correct spelling is "Media That Deelivers Inc." We
apologize for the errors.