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The PR News’ Book of Content Marketing Strategies & Tactics features over 45 articles on topics including PR’s role in content marketing, sponsored content and native advertising, live events, webinars and video, content marketing for social media and visual storytelling.

Product Overview

Content marketers are tasked with creating interesting, insightful content that delivers a branded message for their organization, brand or client. Creating great content has always been an open-ended and subjective challenge, but the task for content marketers doesn’t stop at creation. Delivery is important as well, and choosing where an article or visual will be housed and shared from necessarily impacts how it’s made.

Chapters Include:

  • PR’s Role in Content Marketing
  • Brand Journalism
  • Sponsored Content and Native Advertising
  • Blogs and Thought Leadership
  • Content Marketing for Social Media
  • Live Events, Webinars and Video
  • Visual Storytelling

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