Community Relations Checklist: Set Clear Roles


Before you set up a community relations program, here’s a checklist of committee to-do’s from Heather-Anne MacLean, senior community manager for Radian6.

  • Ensure that management is on the same page as those participating in community relations.

  • Have a clear roles and responsibilities document prepared for management sign-off. Having this mapped out in advance of
    a committee start-up can avoid embarrassing contradictions between management and those actually running the committees.

  • Have a clear understanding of whether or not the committee has a project life, or if it is intended to continue on indefinitely.

  • Invite senior management to participate in meetings at least once a year.

  • Have management sign-off on Terms of Reference before they are shared with the community.

  • Be prepared to have minutes of the meetings recorded and shared publicly.

  • Have a plan in place should your community relations committee abandon your company.

  • Be sure to review membership yearly with the committee and seek their input as to whether additional members or different members are needed. 

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