Cahoots for "Coupling?"…

We found the pseudo-controversy regarding last week's premiere of NBC's "Coupling" somewhat -- ahem -- curious. NBC affiliates in Utah and Indiana just happened to wait two
days before showtime to announce they would not air the show because of its "racy" content. (The show, a "Friends" rip-off, centers around six, unblemished and far from young
urbanites yakking about sex. "Playhouse 90," it ain't). NBC issued a statement saying the show "was reviewed by NBC standards and practices and was considered appropriate for
broadcast. It is unfortunate that not everyone will have the opportunity to make their own viewing decisions." Puh-leeze. From a PR perspective, cancellations by flyover
affiliates can only help give NBC more than what was (until then) scant eyeballs, considering initial reviews have been dismal (even sister station MSNBC rolled its critical
eyes). We're betting a few folks will have to tune in to see what all the "Coupling" fuss is about. And the pooh-poohing from network nabobs is hard to believe, for they're most
likely salivating over the affiliates' well-timed decision. No press would have hurt.