After working as associate editor in London for the United Kingdom edition of Mediaweek, Claire Atkinson crossed the pond in 1998 to write freelance articles for several U.K.-
based publications, such as The Independent, The Observer and The Express as well as the U.K. edition of Time Inc.'s Entertainment Weekly. Atkinson, now a staff reporter (since
December) for Crain Communications' AdAge, where she covers advertising agencies and the public relations field, recalls the speedy education she got on the differences between PR
people in the U.K. and the States. "In England, we're all very jolly and happy and if we can help each other out, great," she says. "Here, [PR execs] are pretty clear what they
want from you" as a journalist. But Atkinson, who also contributes to Madison & Vine, an online extension of AdAge that covers the nexus between Hollywood and Madison Avenue,
knows how to handle them.