Biz Bloggers to CEOs: It’s All About R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Business Bloggers Want More Respect From CEOs: Bloggers believe that CEOs rarely, if ever, take the right steps to properly engage them, according to a survey of prominent institutional bloggers who cover corporate and business news for top-tier national, regional and trade news outlets by the 10 company and Gotham Research Group. Among the key frustrations bloggers have in dealing with CEOs:

  • The perception of a company’s CEO and communications staff going too far in attempting to manage the media and, in the process, coming off as artificial and scripted.
  • The lack of appreciation for the power that bloggers have today.
  • A lack of respect for the blogosphere in general.
  • A lack of direct access to decision makers, even for occasional interviews. 

10 company/Gotham Research Group