CSR Awards 2015: Blog

Winner: AT&T Inc. — For Good Stories, There is No Place Like Home: People, Planet, Possibilities

Corporate social responsibility work often provides companies with wonderful stories to tell. It’s essential to tell them in relevant, personally meaning ways. To engage audiences with the company’s efforts, the AT&T Citizenship & Sustainability team worked with VOX Global to design and launch a new website called Pople, Planet, Possibilities.

Before the site’s launch in January 2014, information about AT&T’s CSR work was spread across dozens of properties, making it difficult to provide a cohesive view of all that AT&T does in this realm and to offer stakeholders opportunities to engage with the company’s work. The highly visual blog highlights major announcements and personal stories from a variety of voices as they unfold — often in real time. With authors ranging from Chief Sustainability Officer Charlene Lake, to foundation grant managers and leaders of AT&T’s diverse supply chain, the blog tells a vibrant story of the impact the company has across its businesses and communities.

Honorable Mention

  • AECOM Impact blog