Don’t Let Celebrities Build Your Brand for You

January 18th, 2010 by

Let’s stop for a minute to consider the “joys” of having a celebrity spokesperson. Tiger Woods may be the most recent celebrity spokesperson to explode in a client’s face, but he’s not the first. And… Continued

How to Build Your Brand on a Shoestring Budget

August 24th, 2009 by

Budgets have been slashed. Advertising is in a slump. Social media is on the rise, with a yet-to-be-defined return on the hype. Companies are struggling to make sense of the conventional landscape of the market… Continued

Tips and Strategies for Thriving in Niche Markets

July 20th, 2009 by

As the economy teeters from bad to worse, businesses big and small are all asking the same question: How can we soften the market’s blow and maximize success? Yet, in an ironic twist to the… Continued