Americans in a Charitable Mood

â–¶ In the Giving Mood: Americans are charitable in their giving habits this year, says the Liberty Mutual “2010 Responsible Giving Survey,” fielded by Ketchum Global Research Network. Findings show that 81% of Americans appreciate charitable donations given on their behalf in lieu of a physical gift and 74% would volunteer their time to charity as a gift if they thought others would value this type of responsible giving. Other findings include:

• While 78% of adults give gifts during the holiday season because they want to and not out of a sense of obligation, 48% of adults will be purchasing fewer gifts this holiday season.

• Though Americans will be purchasing fewer gifts overall, the survey reveals that consumers are seeking more responsible ways to give, and 59% of Americans have plans to prepare alternative gifts, including homemade gifts and donations of time or money to charities.

• 30% of adults say they will donate money to charity rather than purchase some gifts this holiday season.

Source: Ketchum Global Research Network