5 Must-Have Attributes for a Successful PR Internship

Steve Seeman, senior VP, Makovsky

As we enter the spring season, PR executives in charge of summer internships are ramping up their search for worthy candidates. One such exec is Steve Seeman, senior VP at PR agency Makovsky. In an effort to help ensure a successful PR internship, here are five attributes/skills from Seeman that an intern must display: 

1. Research: Research is the foundation of everything we do, and there are more tools at our disposal than ever before.

2. Persistence: Keep trying, keep learning, keep perfecting.

3. Intellectual Curiosity: No one expects an intern to know it all. What every intern needs is the desire to learn, soak up information and learn from the experts.

4. Attention to Detail: Nothing will sink an intern’s image faster than sloppy work that displays a lack of focus.

5. Passion: If you don’t love what you do and have the ambition to build a career in communications, it will show through quickly and conspicuously, especially given the competition you face to enter the industry.

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