2011 PR News Hall of Fame: Richard Edelman

President & CEO, Edelman

For 60 years Edelman has remained an independent, family-owned agency. For Richard Edelman, that’s a source of deep pride. “Our independence has allowed us to consistently put the interests of our clients and employees first, and to invest in our company and its future,” he says. The agency’s president and CEO since 1996, Edelman has extensive experience in marketing and reputation management, and has counseled several countries on economic development programs, including Egypt, Israel and Mexico.

Today he is charting a course for “public engagement,” which reflects the evolution of business as a positive force in society, and calls for business to participate meaningfully in the continuous global conversation. “Public engagement is policy and communication unified to realize the full aspiration of PR,” says Edelman. “Our role as practitioners is to have one foot planted in policy and the other in communications.” —SVC

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