2011 15-to-Watch: Brian Conway

Brian Conway has helped lead the charge in increasing client American Airlines’ listening and engagement efforts with its customers. This drive extends to social media as AA used Twitter to help a concerned flyer receive updates on—and ultimately make—a connecting flight. The story was featured by a Dallas NBC affiliate. —SP

Proudest PR Accomplishment:
“Developing and communicating a corporate social media crisis response plan for an industry-leading airline. Knowing that the plan is going to be the standard for an entire company gives me a tremendous feeling of pride.”

President at Birth: Reagan
Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA
College Attended: Loyola University New Orleans (School of Mass Communication)
Favorite PR teacher: J. Cathy Rogers, PhD
Favorite Sports Team: LSU
Favorite Sport to Play: Football
Most Inspiring Athlete: Troy Polamalu—“Love the hair and the attitude!”
Foursquare “Mayor” of: “My house, my neighborhood, my workspace and multiple restaurants in Texas and Louisiana.”
Favorite TV Show: Hoarders


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