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Ad Abstract: Keeping Fresh Edge with ‘Fighting Mad’ PSA Campaign

June 11th, 1998 by

As one of 6,000 non-profit organizations vying for PSA coverage, the Muscular Dystrophy Association maintains top-of-mind awareness among news organizations with a steady flow of new material for editors. Its latest effort, "Fighting Mad" features… Continued

Advisory Boards Lay Foundation For Powerful Communications

June 11th, 1998 by

It is always impressive to pull new ideas out of your healthcare PR bag of tricks. But don’t lose sight of some classic seasoned elements of a marketing communications action plan that can leverage your… Continued

‘Take It Outside’ Second-Hand Smoke Campaign Opens Dialogue

June 11th, 1998 by

Using the voices of children who live with smokers, the Kansas Health Foundation (KHF) delivered a hard-hitting, plain-spoken message about second-hand smoke that reached more than 20 million in the market and got smokers to… Continued

On The Pulse: Trends & Surveys In the Healthcare Industry

June 11th, 1998 by

Hospitals Behind The Year 2000 Eight Ball Hospitals have not yet resolved the myriad of issues involving Year 2000 communications problems, according to a new study by information technology firm Gordon & Glickson in Chicago.… Continued

Columbia/HCA’s Non-Profit Transition Not Necessarily Welcome News

June 11th, 1998 by

The $1.2 billion sale of 22 Columbia/HCA hospitals to a consortium of non-profit entities last month brought on a wave of local uncertainty on what the new hospitals’ status will be to the communities involved.… Continued

Campaign Accused of Going To Highest News Bidder

June 11th, 1998 by

Virginia’s Department of Health is being accused by two state television stations of trying to secure more bang for its advertising buck with guaranteed news coverage of its abstinence campaign. Marketing officials blasted the campaign… Continued

M&A WatchAn Eye On The Changing Healthcare Climate for the Communicator

June 11th, 1998 by

Who: United Healthcare Corp. (Minneapolis) to acquire Humana, Inc. (Louisville, Ky.). When: Proposed acquisition was announced May 28. The $5.5 billion transaction requires shareholder and regulatory approval and is expected to close in the third… Continued

HPRMN JobTracker

June 11th, 1998 by

Institute for Healthcare Improvement Marketing Director for Boston-based, not-for-profit organization. Strong background in direct marketing, planning, research, pricing, advertising and media relations. Requires writing and communications skills. Must have 5+ years management experience. Position will… Continued

Making Creative PR Efforts Work If Advertising Commitment Is Expected

June 11th, 1998 by

In spite of increased health news opportunities, some PR professionals are slamming into editorial coverage barriers when they can’t produce "value added" marketing incentives for some news outlets. This situation tends to be most prevalent… Continued

Industry News

June 8th, 1998 by

On the Radar Screen PR Agency Missteps On Size of E3 If you need help with your taxes, don’t call on Bender, Goldman & Helper. In its June 1 press release on the Electronic Entertainment… Continued