15 to Watch (Corporate/Nonprofit): Steve Field

Manager, Marketing Communications, BAE Systems Age: 27

As head of marketing communications at aerospace, defense and security company BAE Systems, Steve Field has been working hard to bring digital communications and social media to an industry not known for its Web 2.0 savvy. Field, based in Arlington, Va., oversees communications for a variety of BAE products, including the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and other vital military equipment. Thanks to Field, BAE has incorporated social media into its Web sites, and is about to launch another site featuring troops sharing their stories about their interactions with BAE products.

Educating Parents

“When I was at Edelman Public Relations and worked on behalf of the Consumer Healthcare Products Association, we looked to raise awareness among parents about the dangers of teenage cough medicine abuse,” he says. “This resulted in the Five Moms campaign, which leveraged the stories of five moms from across the country. The campaign continues today, and still is an effective way to educate parents about medicine safety for their teens.”

Delivering Trust

“It takes effort to gain the trust of my colleagues and ensure they know that I’m here to help the team from day one, but it is just as important to continually deliver on commitments and keep that trust. “

Finding Solutions

“Having the opportunity to find creative solutions to business challenges and being able to think through how communications can help support the company’s goal and then executing it are the most rewarding aspects of the job.” â–