The Success of a CSR Program Rests on Your Employees

17865398Most communicators understand why CSR campaigns and corporate giving is important. Most PR pros  also champion such programs, from beginning to end.

However, for a CSR program to really take off and exceed expectations, a team effort is best, according to Karen B. Moore, founder and CEO of Moore Communications Group. By making your CSR program company-wide, you're enabling your employees to make an impact outside the organization, which, in turn, motivates them to stay committed to the company’s success and mission.

Still, getting everyone on board is a lot easier said then done. With that in mind, Moore provides 4 tips to get your employees interested and actively involved in your next CSR campaign.

1. Ask your team what it wants.  Whether you use a survey, a brainstorming session or one-on-one conversations, you absolutely must consult your employees first. And while you’re at it, consider hiring a third party to do this fact-finding for you. Your team will be much more transparent with a third party than with a supervisor, with whom they may be more guarded.

2. Let your team build the plan. Buy-in from the very beginning ensures that the plan reflects the team’s needs and wants.

3. Oversee—but don’t run—the program. As the CEO or company manager, the staff needs to know you’re invested, but your team should administer the program. Task the person who is most passionate about it with managing the day-to-day operation, and set regular progress checks.

4. Evaluate regularly. At least once a year take a step back from your efforts and determine the return on investment for the company and your employees. If it’s not working, or could be better, go back to the beginning by revisiting the priorities with your team and brainstorming new ways to approach the CSR program.

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