Take A Peek At Our ‘Advice Book’ for PR Pros

Image: psychologytoday.com

It’s an increasingly popular ritual at PR News’ various events and conferences: passing around our “Advice Book” to PR pros to get their take on how to succeed in public relations and communications.

Considering how fluid the media marketplace is these days, a little advice on how to do your job better can go a long way. Below are a few pearls of wisdom on how to enhance your PR skills, from navigating online communications to keeping your cool.

> Stephen Manning, Social Media Manager, BNSF Railway:

“Give to get. Inform and entertain the public, don’t just talk at them. Everything you post online should benefit the audience, not just you. And [it’s] very important [to] build an online support base before you need it, even if you don’t have specific objectives today. Because when you need it, it’s too late to build it.”

> Marc Moorghen, Communications Manager, Conrad. N. Hilton Foundation:

“My two cents: Don’t panic. Whatever you’re going through someone else has already been trough or can give you advice. Take your time and do it right.”

> Niccki Snowhite, Email Marketing Manager, OpenTable:

“Be flexible. Don’t be afraid to redefine your strategies to try news technologies. You might discover a new way to overcome ongoing challenges.”

> Jennifer Perciballi, VP of Public Relations, Everyday Health:

“Anticipate and prepare for a worse-case scenario and it will never happen. ‘Luck’ comes to those who work hard.”

> Katie Williams, social media graphics coordinator, Next Generation Trust Services:

“Treat every client and prospective client as a potential referral source. Referrals and positive experiences or how you handle situations in a time of crisis speaks to the character of your company.”

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